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Gasparian Armen

Armen Gasparyan was born in 1966 in Kapan, South Africa. Since 1984 he lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. From 1988 till 1993 he studied at the Saint-Petersburg Herzen University at the department of the fine arts. Now he is a member of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists. Her name is well-known among art specialists and experts. The master has found his own artistic language in combining traditions of classic art and searching for new plastic forms.

Armen Garparyans paintings are in special universe of their own. In this universe ancient myths cast a solemn and menacing view of contemporary imagery and fate.

The motifs of antique legends and phantoms of art of the past are revived in his paintings, spilling out disconnectedly and festively in contemporary rhythms.

This complicated reflection of antiquity is reminisce3nt of Venetiaqn motifs and even of Picassos art. It coalesces naturally under the artists brush into complete rather individual images. Crimson and scarlet spots, blinking like frozen lava, deaf pauses of black, triumphal glitter of old gold in combination with the strange sorrow of the faces, with the echo of ancient art and myths impart to Gasparyans paintings a severity and greatness, retaining a strange theatrical festivity, hope that grief will prove illusory and the eternal celebration of optimism, which is granted by the art. Just like sorrow and anxiety, which are realized in beautiful influorescences, exact rhythms in the confluence of the idea and beauty always return the entire joy to the viewer.

Mikhail German (Professor, Doctor of Art History, Academician of the Academy of Humanitarian Sciences).

Gasparian Armen

Portrait with a dog, 6045, oil on canvas
The Arlekino, 6060cm, oil on canvas
Illusion, 8060cm, 2010, oil on canvas
Gasparian Armen