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Kolobovnikov Vadim

Born April 24, 1973 in Lipetsk.In 1997 he graduated from the Graphic Art Faculty of Lipetsk State Pedagogical Institute.Member of regional and Russian exhibitions.

To judge a work of V. Kolobovnikova, as an independent, and unified whole does not make color decisions and not particularly constructive. Vadim kolobovnik - an artist who has clearly expressed the temperamental personality. This is a personal quality and the natural talent to draw objective reasons for the formation of the artist's creative method.

The nature of painting Vadim Kolobovnikova distinguishes overflowing color, colorful texture composition, the rhythm of which is constructed in constant transition from one emotionally charged part to another, even more intense.

Scenic motif works depends on the predilections of the author at this time: whether it carries the element of expressive colors or subdued sign non-objective art.

In art Kolobovnikova obvious synthesis of two principles - of rationalism and emotion, logic and spontaneity. Endowed by nature is not only a keen eye, but the fine intuition, Vadim has the ability to analyze the perception of living, to transform it into the basis of his artistic creativity.

The brilliance and sonority paint works Vadim Kolobovnikova give the viewer a powerful impetus to optimism and temperamental desire for freedom.

Nikov Svetlana.

Art historian.

Kolobovnikov Vadim

Regional Youth Exhibition 2001

Regional Exhibition 2001

The Moscow exhibition "Lipchane - Muscovites" (m.Kashirskoe) 2001

All-Russia Youth Exhibition in Moscow, CHA (with 26/11/2001. On 14.01.02.)

Regional exhibition "60 Years of Victory" 2005

Regional exhibition devoted to the Day of the artist 2005

Exhibition in Voronezh, Lipetsk CX 2005

Exhibition (solo) in Moscow in 2006 Gallery EXPO - 1988

Regional exhibition devoted to the artist's Day 2006

Personal exhibition (Lipetsk region. Shots. Hall) 2007

VIII International Exhibition "Dialogues" (Biennial) (St. Petersburg). 2007.

Solo Exhibition (Gallery M `ART", Lipetsk), 2007

Regional exhibition devoted to the artist's Day 2008

Regional Exhibition (Yaroslavl) 2008

All-Russia Exhibition of Young Artists (Saratov), 2008

Regional exhibition of portraits (region shots. Hall) 2008

Regional exhibition dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of CX Russia - Lipetsk 2008.

Personal exhibition "Face the World" Lipetsk Regional Art Gallery 10-19 March 2010

Bring sense into the day, 60х90, oil on canvas
How is it possible not to love autumn, 50х60, oil on canvas
October improvisation, 60х80, oil on canvas
Birches, 58х66, oil on canvas
The garden of lilies, 60х80, oil on canvas
Bring sense into the day, 60х90, oil on canvas
Landscape with a red meadow, 60х90, oil on canvas
Spring dances, 60х90, oil on canvas
Breath of forest air, 74х70, oil on canvas
Winter theme in the middle of March, 63х70, oil on canvas
Do not hesitate, 60х80, oil on canvas
The mill, 90х60, oil on canvas
Kolobovnikov Vadim