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Mikhailova Liza

Liza Mihajlova was born in 1969. Daughter of the known Petersburg artist Yury Mihajlov.

He was graduated in 1995 from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts. Since 1996 – a member of the St. Petersburg union of artists.

Mikhailova Liza

Personal exhibitions:

1992 – «Kunsthaus Fisher», Stuttgart, Germany

1996 – Baden – Baden, Heddesneim, Germany

1997 – «Hypo-Bank», M?nhen, Germany

1999 – Gallery «New Fritz», «Brenner ? s Park Hotel», Baden – Baden, Germany

1999 – G.Mihajlov's Gallery, St.-Petersburg

2000 – exhibition «Northern Petersburg» - Grand Hotel Europe;

Exhibition in Ministerial council of northern countries; St.-Petersburg, the grant from Ministerial council of northern countries for a trip to Sweden for the exhibition organization Exhibition in the Russian-German center; St.-Petersburg A.A.Ahmatova museum, St.-Petersburg

Exhibition «My Petersburg» - gallery «On Bastionnaya», Pskov;

Gallery "Elite", Berlin, Germany

2001-2003 – exhibitions in Sweden in cities Karstad, Torsby

Silbernetz Galereja, Stuttgart, Germany

On June, 2010 24th - on August, 16th the Personal exhibition in the State Russian museum

On July, 2010 2th participation in auction «Christy» in the Marble palace, State Russian museum.

2010 Participation in an exhibition «the SKY In ART» the State Russian museum, Benua's Case

2010 exhibition in DiDi art gallery

Works are in collection of the State Russian museum, in private collections in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, England, Holland, Sweden, France, Ireland.

Works in the Russian Museum’s collection:

"Catherine Canal" - canvas/oils, 70x50 cm, 2006

"Twilight in New York" - canvas/oils, 60x70 cm, 2004-2005

"Summer Garden", canvas/oils, 52x72 cm, 2006

St. Isaak's Cathedral, 50x80, oil on canvas
Mikhailovskaya Street, 60x80, oil on canvas
The Alarchin Bridge, 50x70, oil on canvas
The Peter and Pauls fortress, 50x70, oil on canvas
Mikhailova Liza