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Alex Rychkov

1968 Born in Ryazan, USSR

1987 Graduated from Ryazan Art School

1993 Graduated from the Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1993-1995 Exhibitions in Prague, Czech Republic/

1997-1999 Participates in the restoration of the Portrait Gallery in Gorny museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

1999-2001 Annual exhibitions in Paris, France.

2003 Partakes in exhibition Ballet. Ballet? Ballet, Zurich, Switzerland.


1999 Paris, France.

In his art Alexey reflects his impressions of individual things he encounters during his long travels in order to create matchless views. His works are characterized by the reflection of atmospheric effects by soft variations of colours and by a wide variety of artistic devices. He creates sublime, yet vivid images in classical forms.

Inspired by the Russian seascape painters, Alexey specializes in seascapes from the start of his career. A delicate, transparent technique of reflecting waters movement is a characteristic trait of his canvases. Alexeys views of Saint-Petersburg are romantic, his interpretation of the city is close to that of the XIX century painters. He is a master of multi-layer technique, which allows his to create majestic panoramic views.

Alex Rychkov

5040, oil on canvas
Black sea, 75100, oil on canvas
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
6080, 2013, oil on canvas
Alex Rychkov