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Russian art, the best paintings oil on canvas.

Located in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, Onegin Art Gallery offers the widest choice of contemporary Russian art. Our wide ranging collection comprises paintings in different genres: city landscape, still-life, portrait, animal painting and other. The main goal Onegin Art Gallery heads for is to show the whole variety of artistic styles from traditional painting to contemporary abstract works.

We are marked out by careful and professional attitude to the process of forming the collection which would let you estimate the individuality of each author and buy absolutely exclusive pieces of art. For more than ten years we collaborate with local professionals of oil and water-colour painting, graphics and sculpture who have got a high reputation in Russian and international art community. Among them you can find young artists as well as recognized figures: Nickolai Reznichenko, Irina Alexandrina, Gennadiy Bernadsky and others. St. Petersburgs artists are characterized not only by following classical traditions but introducing fresh ideas which you can fully appreciate on our gallery. To purchase a painting in Onegin Art Gallery means to get a genuine piece of art full of inspiration, emotional spark of the author and his excellent skills.