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About gallery

Onegin Art Gallery houses one of the most prestigious collections of contemporary art in St. Petersburg. It is known throughout the world for its professionalism and expertise. The gallery’s staff is comprised of highly qualified experts, critics and managers, who provide the highest level of professionalism in selecting, exhibiting, appraising the quality and delivering art work.

The artists presented at Onegin Art Gallery are those recognized in our city. Each of them has their own style and unique creative outlook, and all work in St. Petersburg. What their works have in common is a special way of perceiving the world, and those features and traits that distinguish our city’s particular spirit. This renders incomparable charm and power to paintings created in St. Petersburg and gives a chance to experience the atmosphere of this city of mystical legends and enchanting fantasies.

All the works presented in the gallery comply with the highest criteria one can demand from a piece of art; they are marked with profound intensity, and emotional depth along with individual and masterful style.