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St. Petersburg and Russian contemporary artists.

There are more than 4 thousand oil painting and graphic artists in St. Petersburg – we do not try to comprise all but choose the best. Most of them are members of Union of Artists, successfully engaged in creative work, participate regularly in exhibitions in Russia and abroad, organize personal exhibitions, cooperate with famous galleries. Many artists from St. Petersburg became well-known outside the country and now attract a lot of art lovers all over the world. We are concentrated on talented, ambitious contemporary artists whose works would become more and more valuable in future.

Onegin Art Gallery has a unique diverse collection, not limited by genre restrictions. We can offer painting for every uncommon taste: city landscapes, portraits and others. We appreciate the aspiration for experiment as well as appealing to tradition and try to satisfy even the most sophisticated preferences. Some artists create their own style such as Dmitry Jakovin elaborating on microrealism or Viacheslav Mikhailov using a genuine texture. Artists represented in Onegin Art Gallery have their own way of artistic work. Among them are Liza Mikhailova, Armen Gasparyan, Kirill Datsouk. Such painters as Irina Alexandrina and Igor Tcholaria are well-known for all culture lovers in St. Petersburg including high-ranking statesmen.

Seascape painter Alexey Rychkov would please you with not only sea theme but with outstanding views of the city made in his favourite style of “wet weather St. Petersburg”. In Onegin Art Gallery you can order a painting or find an artist you are interested in guided by our professional service. If you cannot find an artist you are keen on in our catalogue, we will do our best to find the information needed.